Original New York Walk Don't Walk Traffic Lamp Signs

$1,725 USD


Walk Don't Walk Traffic Lamp Signs - Original vintage traffic signals. Genuine Salvaged from the pavements of the greatest city in the world New York. Own a great piece of New York History.

They were built to survive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week outside in NYC, so they’re totally unbreakable having been constructed from high grade cast with tempered glass. Flashing at timed intervals, whether it’s time to walk or not, you could use these traffic signal lights outside as thats what they were originally intended for back in the day!


Our Walk Don't Walk Walk Pedestrian Signals look amazing in industrial loft style apartments. If only these lights could talk - I'm sure there would be some amazing stories to tell!

These traffic signs were taken down in 1989 as the tourists were getting ran over, as they did not understand "Walk Don't Walk"

New custom electrical circuit built for 240 volt, we can send a transformer for USA 110v


Height48 cm
Width48 cm
Depth28 cm
Weight7 kg

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