Brewed 2 Burn Amber Ale Craft Beer Inspired Soy Candle

$23 USD


 Essence:Sensual & Smooth with notes of amber and sultry sandalwood Perfect for Spending time with someone you treasure.

*Hand Poured


*Poured in an authentic beer bottle

*A portion of every sale is given to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

From start to finish, our candles are a labor of love. We’ve dubbed our work process “brewed with gratitude,” because it combines the essence of beers found in each candle with our appreciation for having the opportunity to do what we love, and share our creations with you.

Just like your favorite craft beers, our candles are made with all the right ingredients. Each candle is composed of all-natural, soy-based components. The result: a candle-burning experience with an ABV of 100% pure scented bliss. Brewed2Burn® candles will burn for up to 60 hours, lighting your home and infusing it with the essence of your favorite craft brews.


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