NEBA Knife Module
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Base Unit


  • Includes NEBA Knife Module + Anywhere Pocket Clip™ (Black) + ParaPull™ (Black)
  • 2” Clip Point Blade Profile with Slip Joint Locking Mechanism
  • Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV / Handle: 420 stainless steel & 6061 annodized aluminum
  • 2.87” Closed / 5” Extended / .07” Blade Thickness / Weighs Only 0.7 oz.
  • Perfect Everyday Carry Gift – This is a unique gift idea that your friends, family, and co-workers will actually carry with them and use every day


The Perfect Swiss Army Pocket Folding Knife with Pocket Clip for Your Everyday Carry

Named in honor of our fallen team member, Nebiyu Detti, this high quality edc pocketknife carries on his name and spirit. Whenever anyone needed a little help, Neb was always there with his signature slogan, "I got you."


The NEBA Knife continues in this tradition with a stylish, beefy pocketknife for its size that will serve you well in a pinch. The slip-joint knife features a 2" clip point blade and an improved spring mechanism with a half stop and thumb jimping for extra grip.


It comes assembled securely on a black Anywhere Pocket Clip™ along with a black ParaPull™ paracord zipper pull.  With the Pocket Clip attached it is very comfortable to hold with no unpleasant hot spots. The NEBA Knife is also a mid-module in our Anywhere Tools EDC system, so you can stack other modules or Side Plates on top of it.


Anywhere Pocket Clip

Constructed of one piece hardened spring steel, the Anywhere Pocket Clip uses the same cutting-edge modular attachment feature as the Keyport Pivot and Slide 3.0. The unique no-fastener design allows you to attach and detach modules in a literal snap. It can also be used as a money clip. All modules that fit the Pivot and Slide 3.0 are compatible with the Pocket Clip.


ParaPull Paracord Zipper Pull

The ParaPull is a short paracord zipper pull style lanyard that makes it easy to pull your Pocket Clip out when you need to get a handle on it. The ParaPull works equally well connecting loose items to either a Pivot or a Slide.


Anywhere Tools – Clip ‘Em, Stack ‘Em, Take ‘Em… Anywhere 

Anywhere Tools is a major addition to Keyport's modular everyday carry system by introducing a series of new tech and tool modules along with another way to carry them - the Anywhere Pocket Clip. The Pocket Clip and improved modular stacking system gives you a whole new array of carry options for Keyport Modules in addition to attaching them to the Keyport Pivot and Keyport Slide 3.0. The Keyport system is the most advanced EDC solution available because of its one-of-a-kind modularity, its broad range of customization choices, and its wide variety of carry options.


Anywhere Tools are part of a system designed upon the principals of convenience, utility, and style. Our goal is to transform your everyday carry from a bulky, oddly shaped, noisy assemblage of things you always haul around with you to a fully customized set of tools and tech that accompany you on all of your adventures without getting in the way.


Modular - Take only the items you want with you. No need to schlep a bulky, jingly jangly, pocket full of keys and other oddly shaped personal items alongside a fixed tool with several implements you will rarely, if ever, use.


Stackable - Several of the modules are stackable (we call them mid-modules) meaning you can carry more than one together on a single pocket clip. Both the MOCA II and the NEBA Knife Modules are mid-modules, which allows other modules to be stacked on top of them. Mid-modules are easily identified by their machined aluminum scales with the three square holes. The Pocket Flare Mini-Flashlight and WeeLINK Cable Charger are outer modules, which means that they can stack on top of a mid-module but cannot be stacked upon as they form the top or outer most layer.


Quick and Easy On / Off - Modules are easily added or removed from the Pocket Clip, Pivot or Slide with our RuSH Module Removal Tool or a heavy-duty paperclip, pen, or other device with a simple point.


Wide Range of Uses - There are so many ways to carry Anywhere Tools... on a pocket clip, on multiple pocket clips, dangling from a carabiner, on a keychain, on a backpack, on a purse, with a Keyport Pivot, or with a Keyport Slide 3.0.


Stylish - Anywhere Tools provide a cleaner, more personalized, minimalist approach to your everyday carry


Keyport Compatible

The NEBA Knife Module can be carried in a variety of ways:

  • Clipped onto an Anywhere Pocket Clip™ (included in this kit)
  • Attached to a traditional keychain or key ring via the top hole on the Pocket Clip
  • Attached to virtually anything like a bag zipper via the hole in the ParaPull
  • Attached to the side of a modular Keyport Pivot™ (sold separately)
  • Attached to the side of a modular Keyport Slide 3.0™ (sold separately)


Think of it as a sophisticated alternative to Batman's utility belt... minus the extra 10 pounds, the shiny yellow belt, and the need to wear tights to pull off that whole look

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