Large Natural Finish Horn With Stand

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Based on customer requests, we’ve created the Large Natural Finish Drinking Horn which is similar to our polished Viking drinking horn but with a more natural finish. Our new rough hewn Viking horns are designed entirely by nature, with a minimalist design that highlights the struggles and victories of life. The scratches, scrapes, pattern and texture remain on the horn as a token of the earth, just as much as the drink inside is a gift from the gods.In the centuries old tradition of drinking horn making, our cups are handcrafted from ethically sourced horn. Horns are hollowed out and shaped, then they’re polished, trimmed with protective brass, and finished with food-safe sealant. All Viking style drinking horns come with a matching stand made from the same horn to help you proudly display your horn, or perhaps take a few bites of food with your mead.
  • New rougher, more natural texture on the outside
  • Smooth, highly polished inside hold 12oz of liquid
  • All horns feature slightly varied size and color by nature
  • Brass lip trim
  • Matching horn stand
  • Viking horn holsters available (sold separately)
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