Off White Laced Blouse by Twin Set

$315 USD


White Cotton Lace Blend Blouse from Twin-Set

Material: cotton 47%, Elastane 5%, Polyester 95%, Polyamide 53%

About Twinset

The TWIN-SET Simona Barbieri brand appeared on the Italian market in the early '90s thanks to the creative gifts of Simona Barbieri and the entrepreneurial flair of Tiziano Sgarbi. Starting from the late '90s, the brand gained a foothold in Italy and abroad.

Above all TWIN-SET means knitwear, produced entirely in their own factories in Italy, characterized by a never-ending search for technological innovations while remaining sensitive to the value of craft skills such as embroideries, hand-made appliques and unconventional printing and dying techniques.

Today TWIN-SET is positioned amongst the accessible range of luxury and represents for the market a unique fashion concept, at a stylistic level, its strong identity, and unmistakable image.

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