Sling Hanging Chair from Studio Stirling


Stripped away from all excess, this hanging chair has a circular frame with a single sheet of leather or fabric hanging loose within it, to create a sleek, sexy, and oh so comfortable experience. This chair’s clean lines and 'lightness' makes it a perfect fit for any space.

Pairing the purity of simple tubular steel or aluminium with the sensual warmth of natural hide - it has a sleek look and an air of functional elegance.

Each one is handmade with care by our craftsmen. Form-fitting comfort perfect both for indoor and covered outdoor spaces: choose from a selection of leather - in white, black or stunning copper or silver metallic.

There are options in outdoor fabric/material available – sun and water resistant.

The sling chair can disassemble and splits in half for flat packing – great in economising packing and freight. The price includes the cost of the shipping crate.

'This hanging chair has a sleek look, an air of functional elegance and form-fitting comfort.' - Joanina Pastoll

'I am sure this one is destined to become one of our laid-back favorites' - David Pastoll
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