Tock Temporary Parking Number Card & Phone Holder

$20 USD


1. Multi-function: mobile phone bracket, storage table, parking number plate, charging line clip.

2. It is portable and can be used to store keys, cigarettes, high-speed CARDS and other sundries.

3. The number plate is anti-reflective and can be recognized at night.

4. Compatibility and matching, widely used.

parking card with phone stand. It can be used to leave your phone number when the car can block other cars, as well as to install the smartphone in front of you at a convenient angle. This device is installed on the dashboard and is definitely suitable for people who park cars in the yard.

- Baseus Horizon Silicone Parking Lot Card Holder is made of high quality silicone and ABS plastic that withstands extreme temperatures. The model keeps its surface regularly thanks to the 3M tape and occupies very little space in the car. The matrices with numbers are equipped with a special fluorescent coating, which allows you to see the phone number not only during the day but also at night. The phone is installed in the bracket at a comfortable 120 degree angle and the connected charging cable can easily be attached to a special clip.

- With the Baseus Horizon silicone parking number card holder, it will no longer be possible to accidentally block the passage to another car: now, people will contact you via the number you have left. The parking card has 11 digits, from which you have to create a phone number. When it is not desirable to leave your phone number, the compartment with numbers can be closed with a slight movement. In addition, the model will allow you to easily position your smartphone in a vertical or horizontal position, including on this one, for example, in a browser.


Parking card for 11 digits

Practical phone holder

Silicone case

Reliable installation on the dashboard

Cable clamp

Installing the smartphone at a 120 degree angle

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