Magic Circle Fast Wireless Charger for All Wireless Supported Phones iPhone and Samsung

$69 USD


Fast Wireless Charging

10W upgraded wireless charger, enjoy faster charging and save your precious time and energy! For a better experience, remove the metal material designed phone case while charging.

Magic Array Unique Design

Fast Wireless Charging

Ultra-thin Design

Cool Light up Wireless Charger

The wireless charging pad has a magical array of graphics, more magical is that once the phone is placed in the middle, the map will start instantly, the internal light starts to light up and at the same time, the phone starts charging.

Maximum Compatibility

  • 10W Fast Charging Model:Samsung Galaxy S9,S9 Plus,Note 9, Samsung Galaxy Note8/ S8/ S8plus, Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge/ S6 Edge Plus/ Note 5.
  • 7.5W Charging Model:iPhone XS MAX/XR/XS, iPhone X/iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 plus.
  • 5W Standard Model:Compatible with ALL Qi-enabled devices.


Q: Why does the Magic Array Wireless Charger not charge my phone?

A: Phone will charge only when the wireless sensing area of your phone is aligned with the center of the product, different phone models have different wireless sensing areas, you can try different parts of your phone on it to see if the phone is charging.

Q: Why does Magic Array Wireless Charger charge slowly?

A: We recommend that you use a 10W fast charging adapter.

Q: Why does it charge my phone intermittently?

A: Please align the wireless sensing area of your phone with the center of the Magic Array Wireless Charger. The charging effect will be better if you don't use phone case while charging.

Q: Is it possible to turn the sound and light off?

A: Tap the center 6 times with your finger to turn the sound off, but the light will be always on.

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