Kit-Kat Wasabi Flavor 12 Pack

$19 USD

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As you would expect from its ample use of one of the most uniquely Japanese ingredients, the Kit-Kat Wasabi Flavor is exclusive to the Japanese market (and in fact, just one region) but now finally available for international customers. This truly original snack is a pack of 12 Kit Kat Mini white chocolate biscuits spiced up with some real wasabi! The special wasabi-flavor Kit Kat is made in collaboration with Tamuraya Honten, one of the most famous wasabi food manufacturers based in the Shizuoka region of Japan.


The Kit-Kat Wasabi Flavor (12 Pack) features:

  • 12 Kit Kat Mini snacks
  • Exclusive to Japan and the Shizuoka and Kanto regions
  • White chocolate biscuit with wasabi flavor
  • 64kcl per bar
  • Made in partnership with Tamuraya Honten
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