Supreme Diamond Cut Zippo Gold

$275 USD

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Who doesn’t love gooooooold? Far superior from a gas station lighter we see the Diamond Cut Gold Supreme Zippo Lighter release that was part of the brands latest season’s offering. Supreme and Zippo have worked together plenty of times previously with the 2016 Spectrum Iridescent being extremely memorable. Well that was until 2017. The Diamond Cut Zippo proves once again that Supreme is tops of the accessory game. The base for the zipper was the Armor Case model, which is a bit shorter from a standard Zippo but has similar dimensions. The major difference is the case has a 50% thicker wall, making it the most rugged and durable model. It still has the classic Zippo properties like the ability to keep a flame lit without holding anything down, quality hardware and signature click sound when closed. If something has worked for over 80 years then there really isn’t any reason to change it much. The body of the case is where Supreme does their work. There they added a diamond cut patter to the front and back of the lighter, keeping the sides smooth. The classic red Supreme logo is printed on the front, similar to their other Zippo’s. The Supreme Diamond Cut Zippo released on August 17th, 2017

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