GAZEON Auto-Clamping Wireless Charging Car Mount

$34.99 $69(Save 49%)USD


Infra-red sensor based Auto Clamping Car Mount for your Advanced Driving Experience!

GAZE ON for CAR is devised to improve a complex, chaotic driving environment and ensures a pleasant driving experience. We often encounter situations where your phone runs out of battery and connect a charging cable to a USB car charger while playing GPS navigation and music on the phone during the drive. This product provides a solution to overcome such inconvenience and assists in eliminating a high risk of unexpected accident may caused in conducting the aforementioned action.

Motion detect sensor makes One Hand Operation

Easily install and remove your phone with one hand. The holder arms will open up as infrared sensor detects any devices and lock your phone tight immediately.


Upgraded Coil Technology for Fast Wireless Charging

With CE,FC, KC and RoHS certification GAZEON for CAR can optimize faster charging efficiency with voltage, overcurrent protection, temperature control and more advanced safety protection.


Versatile Mount Compatibility

This car phone mount can be installed on windshield, dashboard or clipped to air vent (+ Attachable in hard surface, e.g. wall, desk).    

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