Ceramic Marbling Storage Jar

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Brief introduction: It is made of high-quality ceramic material, pure hand-made craftsmanship and simple design, hand-inlaid with a gold rim. The storage function is powerful, with wooden dustproof cover. When placing articles, it can effectively insulate the smell of air. It can also be used as a decoration on the countertop to add a sense of ritual to life. (Note: ceramic products are glazed, gold, printing and other processes, occasionally there will be scratches, black spots, bumps or uneven glaze are normal, does not affect the appearance and use.)

Color: Small marbling ceramic jar      Medium marbling ceramic jar

           Large marbling ceramic jar     Wide marbling ceramic jar

Material: ceramic + wood

Craft: handmade

Size: Small marbling ceramic jar: diameter 10cm* height 10cm   

          medium marbling ceramic jar: diameter 10cm*13cm

          Large marbling ceramic jar: diameter 10cm* height 15cm

          wide marbling ceramic jar: diameter 14cm* height 8.5cm

Weight after packaging: small marbling ceramic jar: about 780g   

          medium marbling ceramic jar: about 890g

          Large marbling ceramic jar: approx. 990g      wide marbled ceramic jar: approx. 1100g

Function: storage

Not applicable: Microwave oven

Style: simple

Element: solid color

Number: 1

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