Crystal Red Wine Glass Set

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Description: Choose high-quality crystal glass, elegant and slender cup body, round cup mouth, widening the bottom of the process design, so that the red wine cup is more stable, and the grip is more comfortable and stable. The pearl glaze on the cup is condensed like a piece of art through the glass.

Color: Bordeaux wine glass (2 pieces)      Burgundy wine glass (2 pieces)

Material: crystal glass

Size: Bordeaux wine glass: height 26.2cm* cup mouth diameter 6.9cm

         Burgundy wine glass: height 24cm* cup mouth diameter 5.6cm

Capacity: Bordeaux wine glass: about 580ml     Burgundy wine glass: about 383ml

Weight after packaging: Bordeaux wine glass: about 1200g     Burgundy wine glass: about 1200g

Style: Nordic

Element: solid color

Type: Goblet

Whether it is handmade: Yes

Number: 2

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