Crystal Red Wine/Champagne Glass

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Description: Made of high quality lead-free crystal glass, crystal clear. The cup body is round and transparent, pure hand blowing, integral molding, slender cup rod, beautiful modeling, slanting cutting, smooth cup mouth, slightly thickened design along the mouth, bring a good taste experience. Round cup bottom design, placed more smoothly. The ion-plating process is used to attach the electro-optic water material to the glass by centrifugal force, which has good adhesion and will not be separated from each other, make the glass under different light or pour different color drinks to show the color and color is different, with self-conscious special effects (Note: some glass products may have fine bubbles or willow lines, which are normal process phenomena, do not affect beauty and use.)

Color: white wine glass 470ml     red wine glass 540ml      champagne glass 160ml

Material: crystal glass

Process: ion plating


white wine glass 470ml: cup mouth diameter 6.6cm * height 25.5cm * cup bottom diameter  8.6cm

Red wine glass 540ml: cup mouth diameter 7.5cm* height 24.3cm* cup bottom diameter 8.5cm

Champagne glass 160ml: cup mouth diameter 4.8cm* height 27.2cm* cup bottom diameter 6.6cm

Net weight: white wine glass 470ml: about 131g      red wine glass 540ml: about 155g

                   champagne glass 160ml: about 108g

Weight after packaging: white wine glass 470ml: about 590g    red wine glass 540ml: about 590g                                               champagne glass 160ml: about 580g

Style: simple

Element: solid color

Type: wine glass

Number of: 1

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