Ramen Noodles Flavor Pringles (12 Pack) - Unique tasting, Japan-exclusive snack

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Only in Japan? That's a phrase we hear a lot, especially when it comes to choosing our products, but this time it's true: not only is this product exclusive to the Japanese market, it's truly unique in a way that surely just the locals could have conceived. The Ramen Noodles Flavor Pringles really is what it sounds like! Pringles partnered with instant noodle maker Acecook's Super Cup brand to produce two special versions of Pringles potato chips: Chicken Bone Soy Sauce Ramen Pringles or Squid Fried Noodles Pringles. Either will really make a change to your regular snacks diet and liven up a party!


The Ramen Noodles Flavor Pringles (12 Pack) features:

  • Noodles-flavored Pringles potato chips (two types)
  • Pack of 12
  • Weight: 53g (1.9 oz) (each)
  • Versions: Chicken Bone Soy Sauce Ramen Pringles, Squid Fried Noodles Pringles
  • Special anniversary releases available in Japan for limited time only
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