Large Rubberband Frame

$30 USD


Decorative frame made of iron, coated with high-quality oven baked paint. 
The decorative elements along the frame are used as anchors for rubber bands, stretched from one side to the other, creating a “net” on which various objects such as photos, notes, business cards, bills, etc. could be hung. 
The frame may be mounted on the wall or placed on a desk or a shelf, using the included stand (in both cases it is possible to display the frame either in portrait or landscape). 
Also included in the package are rubber bands for immediate use, however, it is recommended to repurpose additional rubber bands you may have at home or at the office.


Available in 3 colors (black, red, green).

Size: L 25 * W 0.2 * H 34 cm / 9.8 * 0.07 * 13.3 in 
Weight: 260 gr. / 9.17 oz.

Made of metal.

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