Super Holder

$16 USD


A Superhero silhouette seemingly keeping items from falling to the ground. 

Attached to metal objects with a hidden magnet in his hand, Super Holder gives the illusion of holding them in the air. 
The illusion is most powerful when Super Holder is attached to wall-mounted pieces, where the mounting hardware is invisible. 
For example: affix Super Holder to a screw at the bottom of a "floating" shelf (such as IKEA's shelves), to a metal wall clock, to a metal picture frame or to other metal decorative accessories.

A whimsy home décor addition, Super Holder is sure to spark interest and bring a smile to people's faces. 
Not only for Superheroes fans.

Size : L 9.5 * W 0.2 * H 22 cm / 3.74 * 0.07 * 8.66 inch 
Color: black 
Made of metal 

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