WestWood 4 Automatic Watch Winders with 6 Storages for Automatic Watches/Battery or DC Powered/Easy Set Up/Compact & Safety Box Friendly/Super Quiet Mabuchi Motor/High Gloss Finish

$229 USD


WESTWOOD Watch Winder

  • Each motor in this watch winder can rotate 2 watches up to 47mm in diameter each
  • The watch winder is finished with Black Piano and Prestige Wood paint, topped off with 3 layers of high-gloss lacquer.
  • The inside of the watch winder is lined with black leather to protect your watch from scratches
  • The WestWood watch winder comes with 4 pre-programmed rotation modes that accomodates most automatic watch’s rotation requirement. A cockpit-style switch allows you to switch between the 4 modes: Off, Clockwise, Counter-clockwise, Bi-directional, and Bi-directional quick charge.
  • The watch pad is lined with soft leather that is friendly to leather, steel, ceramic, cloth and rubber watchstraps. The watch pad is adjustable to fit different watch sizes
  • Can be powered by either battery only, electric adaptor (110V – 240V) only, or both battery and electric adaptor
  • Covered by a 1 year spare part warranty that covers the motor and electronic spare part.
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