The Gun Alarm Clock

$30 USD


The Gun Alarm Clock


Not a morning person? Vent your anger by shooting your alarm clock!

With this alarm clock, you need to earn those extra precious minutes of sleep by shooting at the target to enable snooze mode. Simply set your alarm the night before, including a song or recording which you wish to play when it’s time to wake up. When it’s time to get up, your recording will sound and the target will pop up!

Shoot the bull's eye once in ‘normal’ mode or five times in ‘hard’ mode to snooze and enjoy an extra five minutes of sleep. The alarm also includes two game modes for practice - reaction tester and accuracy tester.

To turn off the alarm, press and hold the ‘M’ button. This alarm clock is a fun way to wake up in the morning, sure to get you up on your toes. So go on, aim and fire!


  • Shoot the target to snooze!
  • Infrared Gun with recoil action and sound effects
  • Recordable Alarm - wake up to your favourite tune or even your love one's voice!
  • The clock auto dims the time when not in use - simply tap any button to light up
  • Gun range: 5 metres


  • Batteries: Clock requires 4 x AAs (not included) & Gun requires 2 x AAs (not included)
  • Colour - White 
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