Smiley Face/Have A Nice Day Coins

$6 USD


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At first glance, the recipient of this coin will smile as they gaze upon this classic smiley face. They will continue to be delighted as the flip it over and read "Have a nice day..." Watch as you see their demeanor quickly change (to either laughter or outrage) as they find themselves being addressed as an ASSHOLE and punctuated with a glorious middle finger to really drive the point home!


  • Antiqued & Lacquered Nickel-Silver Coin(s)
  • 1.073 Inches in Diameter (Slightly larger than a U.S. Quarter)
  • 14 Gauge in Depth (As thick as a U.S. Nickel)
  • Heavy Weight / High Quality
  • Smiley Face on front, Middle Finger on back
  • Select "10-Pack" option for half price!
  • 100% Made in the USA
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