Mars AR Notebook Bundle by AstroReality

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Includes the 3D printed MARS Classic AR globe and MARS AR Notebook. Unbox this unique space gift that symbolizes unending quest, courage, and opportunity, and write down your best wishes for the future.

Explore Mars Surface Features on Your Hands

Topography-based on NASA’s MOLA elevation maps. The 60mm 3D color printed model of Mars enables you to touch, feel and understand the unique feature of Mars - the Red Planet that gives you the imagination to our future home.

Imprint Your Dream Beyond Pages

Use the Augmented Reality technology to wake up Ares, Greek God of War, and start your adventure to Mars and meet the Martian Rovers, Curiosity and Opportunity as they rove across the planet.

Start Your Journey to Our Future Home

Mars represents a vision of the future, our imagination, it is the next step in the dream of a spacefaring future. Now you can explore Mars in your hands.

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