HiCan Health & Wellness Technological Cocoon


HiCan is a contemporary and technological cocoon, a private sanctuary where you can enjoy a new concept of lifestyle and comfort. A perfect blend of design and technology to make life experience more authentic.



A new interpretation of the classic canopy to create an enveloping personal space around you and transform the traditional experience of rest in a moment of higher and authentic well-being with fragrances, smart lighting, and relaxing music.



All you need is tuck yourself in the smart bed and check your sleep pattern every morning with the companion mobile app. It not only analyses sleep and biometric parameters but also keeps a log of body weight and monitors temperature, air quality and noise level for a complete check on your health.



External Structure - White Glossy

Internal Structure - Ebony Matt

Curtains: Sand

Leather: Sand


Please if you want different colors, contact info@hi-interiors.com

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