Spoke Fruit Bowl

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A flat pack fruit bowl inspired by the humble spoke-hub mechanism.

Inspired by the flat-pack nature of David Trubridge's lighting designs we set out to explore other opportunities for flat-packing. Spoke is our first product from that exploration, it consists of a 2.5" solid brass disc with 20 angled holes around its circumference. Brass rods are pushed into each of these holes forming a concave structure reminiscent of a bike wheel. The holes are drilled to such a fine tolerance as to allow rods to be inserted and removed with minimal force but hold fast when in use. We tested a range of angles, sizes and numbers of rods before setting on something we found held the widest range of fruits and other objects without compromising the essence of the design.


Features include:

  • Solid brass base
  • Flat-pack easy assembly
  • Allows air to circulate around fruit
  • 12" diameter, 2" height
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