iPad Shoulder Strap

$50 USD


  • Strap up. Feather weight and highly durable — The Proper iPad Shoulder Strap is secured with an adjustable nylon strap. A simple ‘turn & click’ locks your device firmly in place, without the need for bulky clips or unflattering velcro. We’ve taken a minimalist approach to wearable technology, readying your iPad for every activity.

  • Does this product require a Proper iPad Case?
    Yes. Our iPad Connect system requires a Proper iPad Connect Case to twist & click your device into any Proper iPad Connect mounts & stands.

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Twist & Click
Align your iPad up to your Shoulder Strap & rotate until it clicks into place.
Switch Orientation
Mount your iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation with ease.
Light as a Feather
Technology shouldn't weigh you down. The Shoulder Strap is ultra light and super comfortable.
Strong & Secure
Keeping your iPad locked securely in place, and keeping you stress-free.

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