Roost Laptop Stand


Roost Laptop Stand

  • So, sure, they're called laptops, but who actually wants that on their lap? That's how you get back pain. And neck pain. Aaand shoulder pain... basically there is no part of your spine that likes that. And a tabletop isn't much better. But throw the Roost Laptop Stand on that table—counter, bar, whatever—pull up your keyboard and mouse, and you've got a mobile office!
  • The Roost Laptop Stand is easy to expand and collapse. Spring-loaded, rubber-edged grabbers (industry term) keep your laptop in place. Tuck it in your laptop case, or lose it in your backpack.
  • Collapsed Dimensions: approximately the size of a good set of pick-up-sticks (is that still a game that people play?)
  • Height: 7" - 9.95"
    Width: 8.87" - 9.41"
    Depth: 9.91" - 10.2"
    Collapsed: 1.3" x 1.17" x 13"
    Accommodates almost any laptop with a weight limit of 50lbs, and an edge smaller than .75"

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