Original canvas Nice Catch Painting by Michiel Folkers

$3,500 $4,000(Save 13%)USD


This original piece of art of "Nice Catch" is partly made  on a collage of old musicpaper. The second layer is made with different spraypaint colors. The Minie herself is made with spraypaint, acrylic and streetposters. She’s finished with a shiny laquer layer.



Original canvas 

Artist : Michiel Folkers

Delivered in a wooden case.

Size: 110x110 cm / 43x43 inch

Piece is unique!

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


Michiel Folkers was born in 1982 in Zeist, a small place near Utrecht in The Netherlands. In the nineties skateboarding and graffiti were common and popular pursuits in his neighbourhood. He started experimenting with graffiti in the late nineties. For years, he remained active spraying letters on walls. When he got older, and more ‘mature’ and tired of the fights that are accompanied with graffiti, he was looking for something else and slowly graffiti evolved in street art. The friendlier en less illegal character of street art attracted Michiel above graffiti. Besides, working with stencils was a much better technique to get more details done better and faster.

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