Alstad Goods 015. Camera wrist strap


Secure your priced possession that is your camera to yourself with a robust yet elegant leather strap designed to never get in the way of your shot. 


Adjusts to fit any wrist size with it's unique snare design. 


Riveted or Hand Stitched option. Edges are beveled. 


Natural: Horween™ vegetable tanned horse leather, also known as "North of Cordovan" used for its particularly tight grain,unique patterned unmatched durability. The leather is finished with wax free leather conditioner allowing the leather to wear and inherit a natural patina over time.

Jet Black: Bridal leather:

CNC machined solid brass (silver nickel plated) rivet.


Snare fit (will adjust to any wrist size for a secure fit) 



-Natural N.cor (North of Cordovan)

-Jet Black (Bridal leather)

-LTD (Shell Cordovan)

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