Mood Ring

$162 USD

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The Mood Ring from I Like It Here Club brings us back to our first pieces of jewelry and a personal favorite. With a magical mood oval stone set in brass.

Brass, Acrylic Cabochon with Thermo Crystal Paint
1" Tall, 18mm x 13mm stone
Made in USA

Artist and goldsmith Jessie Yeager links her childhood memories collecting stones and gems with her grandparents in New Mexico with dreamy stories as a way to connect the maker and the wearer. Yeager comes from a long line of artists who can change our way of looking at the world. I Like It Here Club was originally created by Yeager's Grandfather as a support group in the army, while he and his fellow men were captured in the Philippines. The club helped keep up the hopes of himself and his fellow prisoners. Yeager hopes I Like It Here Club will inspire the wearer to stay positive, keep an open mind, and take another glance from a different point of view.

All pieces are delicate in nature and should be treated accordingly. Pieces with stones should be protected from impact or bending, as stones are meticulously and precisely set, and may pop out of their settings if shifted in any way. For best results, have a professional jeweler clean your piece to ensure longevity. Please contact us regarding any repairs due to normal wear and tear and we will be happy to connect you with the jewelry vendor.

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