Victoria Cross-Body Leather iPhone Case/Wallet by Vaultskin

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Midnight Black
Chain-Leather Strap


At Vaultskin we understand that a wallet or phone case is a constant companion, so we ensure that ours is one that you’ll enjoy using for years to come. The innovative and stylish Vaultskin VICTORIA allows you to carry all your most important items – phone, cards, cash and keys – in one compact, fashionable design.


The luxurious, high-quality genuine Italian leather feels and looks great. It holds your phone and cards firmly while allowing them to slide out quickly when needed. Practically the quick-pull strap gives you instant access to frequently used cards. Stylish and compact the VICTORIA can be worn across the body, on the shoulder or elbow with a strap or without the strap, in the hand.



A luxurious, protective and functional iPhone case AND wallet. Stay in touch, take pictures and pay, effortlessly and stylishly. Available in 5 fashionable colors with an adjustable and detachable strap. Choose how you want to wear it: either hands-free with the adjustable strap across your body or on your shoulder or, remove the strap and carry the case in your hand.



The Vaultskin® VICTORIA is the most luxurious, long-lasting iPhone case in this style on the market. The brand is all about quality craftmanship and materials. Genuine top-grain Italian leather, hand-stitched seams, high-quality metal clips and chain. Look good and enjoy using your VICTORIA for many years to come.



Carry your iPhone, cards, cash, some small items – such as a few keys and a memory card - all together and securely. Store up to 9 cards in 2 pockets. Keep 2 of your most frequently used cards in the front pocket, and up to 7 in the other. Both pockets are secured by Vaultskin’s signature retractable strap which also gives easy access to frequently used cards.



Enjoy maximum protection while still being compact, light-weight & stylish. The leather case holds your iPhone securely while giving a firm in-hand grip. A durable internal shell - with smart-rubber padding - and strong plastic backing - for rigidity - help absorb impact from moderate falls. A raised lip protects the screen from scratches. Function buttons are covered to protect & keep them in a good condition. The strap can be worn to help protect when you're on the go.


MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Wear it your way – hands-free across the body or held in the hand. The VICTORIA is the ideal accessory for most activities – shopping, cooking, walking the dog, working out and housework – as well as fun pastimes – a night on the town, dancing, festivals and travel. With your phone always on your body you’ll never miss a call or misplace or lose your phone. It can also help protect you from pickpockets.


We offer a 100% product guarantee

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