Bucket Ball - Bonus Pack - Comes with 3 sets of balls

$59.96 USD


BONUS PACK: Now comes with 3 sets of balls in each set. 2 Hybrid Game Balls, 2 Bucket Pong Balls, 2 Tailgate Balls!

Bucketball is a great oversized tossing game that is portable and perfect for the pool, backyard, beach or lake. Just space out the blue buckets and orange buckets and starting tossing. You can add some water, sand or even dirt to the buckets for stability if you want. Once a player gets the ball into the bucket it is removed from play. The first player or team to get the ball into all the buckets is the winner! The game comes in a handy nylon carry bag. Yes... It's just like giant beer pong!

Comes With:

  • 6 Orange Buckets
  • 6 Blue Buckets
  • Nylon Carrying Bag
  • Instructions
  • BONUS: 6 Balls (2 Hybrid, 2 Tailgate, 2 Bucket Pong Balls)

How to Play BucketBall

  • To play Bucketball just split into teams or you can play individually. Setup the buckets in a diamond shape 30 feet apart for advanced players, 24 feet apart for intermediate players and 18 feet or closer for beginners or kids.

    Each player or team will toss 1 ball at a time. If the ball lands inside the bucket that bucket is removed from play. Once a player or team has successfully removed all buckets from play they are the winner.

    The tossing line is behind all the buckets. Do not cross the buckets when tossing or it is considered a foul.

    Re-Racks - Teams are allowed to rearrange the buckets one time during the game. This is done statically at anytime to bundle the buckets together so they are easier to hit. Remember, only 1 re-rack per game.

Yes, it's just like giant beer pong! Just space the buckets apart and starting tossing!

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