Home Dry Erase Board Bundle

$80 USD


Our parents LOVE their Think Boards - and so do our customers! Whether you're buying for your family or a friend, this home dry erase board kit will be perfect for jotting down to-do's, shopping lists, a calendar of events, and keeping the kids (or your significant other) entertained while you're cooking dinner :)

Inside this kit is:

1 - Think Board Small (8”x11”)
1 - Think Board Calendar (14”x14”)
2 - Think Board Medium (2’x3’)
1 - Think Board Kits (marker, velcro dots, cleaning cloth)

"How can such a simple thing be such a genius idea? We put the 30x30 Think Board on our kitchen pantry (trimmed it a bit to fit) and the whole family loves it. It has quickly become our new communication hub > weekly meal planning, to do lists, notes & reminders for each other, etc... Very well thought out & the cleaner spray works very well. Definitely worth the price - I'm glad I got 2 because I'll be putting one up at my office as well." - R. Vicki

"My daughter loves her Think Board!! She is running her own little dance class on our second-floor landing. Brilliant." - A. Caillet

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