Premium Think Board XL

$230 USD


The perfect Office Whiteboard.
The perfect Classroom Whiteboard.
The perfect Startup Whiteboard.

Okay... here's the deal. Think Board is sweet, it really is. But some of us want a whiteboard that will last indefinitely. Now you might ask, WHAT? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? We know. We said the same thing when our test results came back. We tell people it should last 10 years without ghosting or any sign of wear and tear, but in reality, we mean 100 :)

By the way, have you ever tried to buy a whiteboard this size online? If so, I am so sorry for your pain. If not, Think Board XL is here to free you from the pain you almost caused yourself!! Phew.. Thank goodness you landed on our website.

On Amazon:A 4'x8' whiteboard sells for around $315!! What? And these aren't even for normal use. It says "best for light use in personal or low traffic environments." Again, what?? Trust us, give this one a shot - you (and your wallet) will thank us :)

Our Premium Think Board...

  • Sticks to every smooth wall
  • Is easier to install that ever - no more air bubbles!
  • Works with every marker (because... why wouldn't you want that?!)
  • Comes with a microfiber cloth & black marker

This Think Board can also be used to cover old whiteboard/blackboard surfaces and convert them into a beautiful new whiteboard. The "non-online" side of our business revolves around resurfacing old whiteboards and chalkboards in older schools! If you're interested, visit our Custom Think Board Page

For the rest of the world:

Our 4x6 is 123cm x 183cm
Our 4x8 is 123cm x 244cm &
Our 4x12 is 123cm x 365cm

    If you don't like it, return it!

    We like to pride ourselves on our responsiveness and attentiveness to our customers. We crafted this product for you. If it's not for you, just tell us! Returns are always free and hassle-free.

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