Painted Phnom Penh marble grain ceramic coffee cup set

$36 USD


Brief introduction: high quality ceramics are selected, which are environmentally friendly and healthy. manual gold - tracing technology is used. the ceramic texture is matched with smooth marble texture, which is warm and moist in touch, full in color and made by hand. each texture is slightly different, beautiful and practical, adding a sense of ceremony to life. ( note: tracing gold products are not allowed to enter microwave ovens and ovens )
Color: marble grain grey coffee cup set marble grain pink coffee cup set marble grain blue coffee cup set
Material: ceramic
Craft: pure manual gold tracing
Size: coffee cup: cup opening diameter: about 9.6 cm high: about 7 cm high
Coffee cup and saucer: 14 cm in diameter
Capacity: 300 ml
Net weight: about 400 g
Weight after packaging: about 890 g
Style: nordic
Element: solid color
Manual: yes
Coffee cup accessories: match plate
Number: 1

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