Marble Grain Ceramic Plates

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Brief introduction: made of high-quality ceramics, fired at high temperature, with clear patterns, gold inlaid on the marble surface, and luxurious and elegant. The edge of the plate is made of pure hand.
Miaojin, the texture is good. Anti-skid design at the bottom, carefully polished and fired at high temperature, making glaze safe and healthy. ( note: tracing gold products are not allowed to enter microwave
Ovens and ovens; It is inevitable that there are small black spots, holes, bumps and other small defects in ceramic products, which belong to the natural properties and non-quality problems of ceramic products )
Color: 8 inch white stone plate
          8 - inch black stone plate
          8 - inch blue stone plate
          8 - inch dark grey stone plate
         11 inch white stone plate
         11 - inch black stone plate
         11 - inch blue stone plate
         11 - inch dark grey stone plate
Material: ceramic
Craft: overglaze color + hand tracing gold
Size: 8 inch disc: 20 cm diameter 11 inch disc: 25 cm diameter
Net weight: 8 - inch plate: about 335 g 11 - inch plate: about 575 g.
Weight after packaging: 8 - inch plate: about 855 g 11 - inch plate: about 1100 g.
Style: nordic
Elements: marbles
Pattern: tracing edge
Type: flat plate
Shape: round
Number: 1

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