Batman Red Rain Vampire Statue


Batman Red Rain Vampire Statue

  • Batman is a vampire!
  • Inspired by Francesco Francavilla's DC Comics Elseworlds poster!
  • Beautifully crafted 15-inch tall statue!
Batman and Dracula: Red Rain is a DC Comics Elseworlds tale, where the Dark Knight battles the infamous Dracula, ultimately becomes a vampire himself in the process. The Batman Red Rain Vampire Statue is inspired by DC Comics Elseworlds Francesco Francavilla's poster. The statue features Batman as a vampire stalking the night and hunting his own kind, while attempting to stave off his own hunger for blood. Incorporating elements from the poster, such as a tombstone from Batman's past and slain vampire skulls, this statue brings the dark beauty of the two dimensional art into the horrific third dimension! The polystone statue stands about 15-inches tall. Ages 14 and up.
UPC: 850972006216
Package Weight (pounds): 14
Package Length (inches): 16
Package Width (inches): 10
Package Height (inches): 21
Package Cubic Feet: 1.94
Package Dimensional Weight: 24.17
Carton Weight (pounds): 14
Carton Length (inches): 16
Carton Width (inches): 10
Carton Height (inches): 21.5
Carton Cubic Feet: 2.04
Carton Dimensional Weight: 25.32
Country of Origin: China
Age: 14+
Gender: Unisex



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