Salad Colander & Cutting Bowl

$12 USD


Is it too slow and too troublesome to make salads and cut fruits and vegetables? For example, the cutting is slow, the cut is not uniform, the cut is less, and the hand is easy to hurt. Then there is a device that can help you solve these problems and let you light loose for 60 seconds to make salad, clean the fruits and vegetables, cut the vegetables quickly, and have a good command of the hands.

With such a device, there are only 5 steps to make you instantly have a dish of beautiful and delicious salad.

1. Put the fruits and vegetables in the lid first.

2. Wash fruits and vegetables directly with lid, no extra draining basket.

3. Pick up the base plate and button it on the lid.

4. Take the knife and cut the fruit and vegetable in the gap of the cover. After cutting, the lid will be rotated and cut again.

5. Mix the chopped fruits and vegetables with salad dressing, stir them and serve them.

It's so easy to make a home salad.

A good product delivers your favorite family.


Colors: Green, Blue

Weight : 322g

Dimensions : 210x120mm


This product should only be hand wash.
Do not use in the microwave.


As with every new container you receive we highly encourage our customer to clean them before use.

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