Sekki Paper Knife

$21 USD


The Sekki Paper Knife is proof that the Japanese attention to design extends to even the most minor of household or office activities. When you open your mail, do so with a unique implement like this. Designed by Hiroki Yasuda, the Sekki Paper Knife is inspired by prehistoric stone tools ("sekki" in Japanese). Available in black or white, it's a brilliant fusion of contemporary chic and ancient simplicity. Parts of the knife are polished like a mirror while the tip has been processed to facilitate cutting into the paper, demonstrating that aspects of Stone Age technology and approaches still have much to offer us today.


The Sekki Paper Knife features:

  • Color: white, black
  • Designed by Hiroki Yasuda
  • Dimensions: 118 x 40 x 13mm (4.6 x 1.6 x 0.5")
  • Weight: approx. 35g (1.2 oz)
  • Materials: PBT
  • Made in Japan
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