Mexico Skull Planter Champagne Cooler

$368 USD


Mexico Skull Planter and Champagne Cooler

Scary Stuff Mexico is the name of a massive hit of a Singer called ‘Zingers wonder naan’ (‘Singer with no name’). She was very well known in the Low Countries and used to live in the village of Stramproy, not far from where we lived. So, when I was a little boy i sometimes passed by her villa trying to get a glimpse. But her velvet curtains were always closed. Unfortunately she died in the nineties.


Colours Available - Ivory • Balsam Green • Terracotta • Black  • LED 16 Colours

For use with USA Plug And Eu



Dimensions:  38,2 x 53 x h. 45 cm  | 15" x 21" x 17,5"
Weight: 3.5kg
Materials: PE  Matt polyethylene

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