Crystal Glass Red Wine Fast Decanter

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The minimalist lines of the quick decanter contain a rich air contact surface, adding a quick-release ball with six recesses that, when infused into red wine, can divert and create swirling effects. In the next, the contact reaction between the liquid and the air is instantaneously stimulated, and the aroma and taste become complex and delicate. For the typical red wine, the sobering process can be shortened to 10-15 minutes (the red wine of tannins needs a correspondingly longer time).

Color: 1700ml decanter; sobering ball; decanter + 4  pcs Burgundies

Material: crystal glass

Size: Decanter 1700ml: diameter 21cm * height 22cm; sobering ball: ball diameter 4.4cm * handle length 4.9cm

Style: Simple

Number: 1

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