Raising Hell Foam Can Cooler w/ Party Button by SUPERKOLDIE

$12 USD

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In ritualistic offering to the party gods, we give you the Raising Hell can cooler keenly enabled with a patented can punch device, its spring-loaded button makes the formally messy practice of shotgunning beer into a highly efficient business.


Introducing: The BeerGunner - Party Button™. This ingenious attachment makes downing beer a snap — in seconds flat, without hassle and mess (whether a full can, half can, or the tail end). All you do is insert your favorite lager into the can cooler, open the can and lift to your lips, then press the spring-loaded trigger and all the beer will slide down to your throat. It’s AWESOME AF. Great whenever and wherever getting loose is a good idea.


How to Use: 1) pull the tab on your beer of choice 2) draw breath and brew, in sequential order 3) push the trigger and release the hounds. 4) drink you bastard. C'mon now … Satan is waitin’.


Product Description

• BeerGunner - Party Button™ Can Punch Fitted & Kitted
• Double-Sided, One-Color Graphic
• Yellow
• One Size


Graphic- and message- driven, minted and printed, original-classic, funtastic, foam can cooler. Keeps your 12 oz. adult beverage cold for 35 minutes — three times longer than a can without.


SUPERKOLDIE. The one-and-only, lifestyle brand of Beerware™. We’re accessorizing the beer drinker, individualizing the open container; keeping it classy and staying cold. Here’s to new friends and good friends! Cheers.

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