Til Death Do Us Party Foam Can Cooler w/ Party Button by SUPERKOLDIE

$12 USD

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Come up on the spot! Ready to get loose? It's time to unwind with our Death Do Us Party can cooler and the trigger-action punch of an ingenious patented device that makes shotgunning beer a snap — in seconds flat, without the hassle or mess.


Introducing: The BeerGunner - Party Button™. All you do is insert an unoopened beer into the koldie, crack the can and lift to your lips, then press the spring-loaded button and all the beer will slide down to your throat. It’s AWESOME AF. Great whenever and wherever getting loose is a good idea. How about that?! R.I.P. to your favorite lager.


Product Description

• BeerGunner - Party Button™ Can Punch Fitted & Kitted
• Double-Sided, Two-Color Graphic
• Black
• One Size


Graphic- and message- driven, minted and printed, original-classic, funtastic, foam can cooler. Keeps your 12 oz. adult beverage cold for 35 minutes — three times longer than a can without.


SUPERKOLDIE. The one-and-only, lifestyle brand of Beerware™. We’re accessorizing the beer drinker, individualizing the open container; keeping it classy and staying cold. Here’s to new friends and good friends! Cheers.

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