Color Changing iPhone Case

$15 USD


Color changing iPhone case


People may have heard of UV in science book or TV, Ads, but they never see where it is exactly.

Now with this color changing iPhone case, you can detect the hiddden Ultraviolet Rays easily.


This iPhone case can change color in seconds when it sensor the UV light.

This iPhone case is made according to the principles of optics theory; it employs high quality UV sensor material so this mobile phone cover skin can detect UV and change color quickly.


The basic color of this phone case is white and under sunshine it can change into pink/purple or blue.


You can play a cool magic color changing game anytime if you like with this phone case.


PU material and Matte texture is designed to protect against slip and drops and keep your iPhone easy to hold. Thin, lightweight case provides protection against bumps and scratches.

Snug Protection: This cell phone case provides protection for your iPhone. Anti-knock, scratch-resistant, shock-proof.


UV dector Tool

- Detect and sensor Ultraviolet Rays. This phone case can detect the UV accurately with the UV sensor matarial.

- Color changing cell phone case. This iPhone case can change color under the sunshine as it feels the UV in sun light. It will back to orginal basic color when out of light.

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