Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat

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  • OMG~ THIS BATH MAT REALLY TURNS RED WHEN WET! – Try the world’s first bloody bath mat sheet, a thin plastic mat that actually bleeds red when wet and dries back white again.

  • DON'T BE FOOLED BY IMITATION BLOOD MATS WITH PAINTED FOOTPRINTS – Experience the REAL color changing blood mat sheet by IntroWizard™ that really turns red when wet available here on Fancy.

  • NINJA-THIN PLASTIC SHEET, HIDE ME ANYWHERE – Not your typical soft bath mat, these invisibly thin color changing mats are less than 1mm thick (0.03in). Hide me in your bathroom and unleash a shocking surprise on your boyfriend, wife, kids, and pooch. (Oh dear!)

  • DEFINITELY NOT VOTED "AWESOME GIFT IDEAS FOR 2018" - But we wish it was, 'cuz this is the world's best surprise! No other horror gift comes close to the shock she'll have in your bathroom. Also works as a fun gift for birthday parties, scary halloween parties, housewarming gift for in-laws you hate, baby shower for your ex (har har), or that white elephant party that you have no clue what to bring! (OMG~everyone will lol!)

  • FOOTPRINTS DISAPPEAR AS THEY DRY – Wipe off excess water and watch the blood red stains turn invisible overnight so you can scare all week long. Talk about frightful savings... Or buy more than one to make your own blood bath ALL OVER your bathroom... braaaains!!


Get the REAL color changing Bloody Bath Mat from Fancy, right here! (Watch out for pre-painted knockoffs elsewhere!)

Small: 16x27in  (42x70cm)
Regular: 16x39in (42x100cm)
Large: 25x39in (65x100cm)
Mat and Shower Curtain Set:

Small Mat + (2) 36x72in Color Changing Sheets (92x183cm)

Expedited Shipping: 2-6 days.

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