F Yeah/F No Bronze Decision Maker Coin

$22 USD


"To give a fuck, or not to give a fuck – That is the question"


Having trouble making life's tough decisions and don't know what the fuck to do? Flip this coin and let fate decide! These coins are an extremely high-quality mint and are akin to a traditional military challenge coin.


- 1 Large, Heavyweight, Bronze-Color Coin
- Diameter: 1.54" (39mm) - Approximately the same as a Silver Dollar
- Depth: .116" (3mm)
- Weight: 1oz.
- "Fuck Yeah" and Front-side Middle Finger on one side
- "Fuck No" and Back-side Middle Finger on the other
- Each Side is marked with a ZFG (Zero Fucks Given) "H" for Heads, and "T" for Tails
- FREE Shipping and Tracking for U.S. orders
- Each coin comes packed in a reusable clear protective hard-case capsule
- 100% Made in the USA


Please note: This coin is NOT bronze! It's a specially formulated brass alloy that has been chemically aged to build up a rich oxidized coating to look like distressed bronze. It is then hand painted with a coat of fine jewelers lacquer to retard tarnishing.

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