Fruit Tart Pet Bed

$122 USD


Pets love sweet things and we love it when they look cute. So the Fruit Tart Cat Bed is the next logical step! Created by leading Japanese pet products manufacturer Felissimo, the Fruit Tart Cat Bed is as comfortable and visually memorable as it sounds. Your feline friend will love the touch of the soft bed as it snuggles up inside the "shell" of the cake, next to various pieces of fruit (cushions, of course). Get ready to fill up your social media feeds with all the cute pictures you will take of your cat enjoying this bed.


The Fruit Tart Cat Bed features:

  • For cats
  • Fruit cushions are attached
  • Width: approx. 40 cm (16")
  • Height: approx. 11 cm (4")
  • Materials: polyester
  • Made to order: please allow approx. one month for shipping


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