Tata Pub Bar

$3,680 USD


Our Recycled Pub Bars are engineered from Tata Motor Trucks and makes a cool conversation piece when parked up at your business or home.

Our Tata bar is a totally functional high end design with loads of storage space at the rear, two cabinets, a spirit bottle rack and two pull out drawers. The fabulous smooth bar top is made with solid hard reclaimed wood. This is Heavy Goods Vehicle with a cocktail drinking twist!!

Height 160 cm | 63" Inch
Width 47 cm | 18,5" Inch
Length 160 cm | 63" Inch
Weight 85 kg

Item will be shipped door to door in wooden heat treated crate for 100% protection.

Uk and Europe contact us for more postage options by road.

To view our shipping policy, please visit our About section. https://fancy.com/shop/smithersofstamford/about

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