Tetra Flower Pot

$23 USD


Simple and elegant, the Tetra Flower Pot will add a single tasteful note to your desk, shelf, mantle or bathroom. It can only take one or two flowers but this is what makes it special: like many aspects of classic Japanese culture, it allows you to focus on just one small thing. It is a whisper that makes people stand to listen and thus become louder than a big, bold statement. And to add a playful hint, the pots inside are painted in one of three colors (blue, white, pink).


Created by designer Sayaka Urabe, these miniature flowerpots carry a rather somber story: their creator was inspired by tetrapod, the huge cement blocks of the same shape that are used in Japan as anti-tsunami measures. Anyone who has traveled along Japan's Pacific coast is sure to come across these monstrous breakwaters. Using her sensibility and imagination, the designer managed to transform their image from something heavy (literally and metaphorically) into something uplifting and inspiring.


The Tetra Flower Pot features:

  • Color (inside): blue, white, pink
  • Size: 58 x 51 x 48mm (2.2 x 2 x 1.8")
  • Weight: 30g (1 oz)
  • Materials: porcelain
  • Made in Japan
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