Matte Handle Cutlery 4 Piece Set

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Title: Western Cutlery 4 pieces Set Fork and Spoon

Introduction: handle Teflon process, handle the interface seamlessly, get up and feel more comfortable.?The drawing head, a simple and unique shape, has a special beauty at random.


White + gold 4 pieces set, silver + pink 4 pieces set, pink + gold 4 pieces set, black + gold 4 pieces set, black + sliver 4 pieces set, blue + gold 4 pieces set, full gold 4 pieces set, Viola+ gold 4 pieces set.


Material: 304 stainless steel knife fork , spoon to belong to 420 stainless steel

Process: matte drawing process

one set: 4 pieces

Size \ weight: coffee spoon: length 123 wide 28MM weight 19G main meal spoon: length 212 wide 48MM weight 70G

The main fork: long 219 wide 27MM weight 55G main knife: long 220 wide 15MM weight 54G

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