New York Skyline Chess Set

$120 USD


The second city to join our range is the iconic skyline of New York. 

We've chosen a range of buildings from across the city, some of which capture the essence of the early 1900's construction boom and the growth of skyscraper architecture, through to their more contemporary counterparts, along with some of the city's most recognisable silhouettes:

  • King - One World Trade Tower
  • Queen - Empire State Building
  • Bishop - Chrysler Building
  • Knight - Flatiron Building
  • Rook - Guggenheim Museum
  • Pawn - Brownstone House

We have selected the highest quality materials to create beautiful and unique objects for both the chess player and design enthusiast alike. The 32-piece set is cast in injection moulded acrylic. Each piece is double weighted and has a soft felt base.

Each set comes complete with a black and white folding playing board, which is available to upgrade, and a presentation box.

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