Marble Effect Ceramic Wood Sealed Canisters

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Title: Marbling Ceramic Wood Sealed Cans

Description: Selected high-quality ceramics, porcelain clean and bright, smooth, delicate and easy to clean.

(Note:The marbling is polished by artificial roasting, so each plate has a different pattern.
Sturdy and the gold stands out beautifully but NO Microwave or Dishwasher!)

Marbling ceramic wood sealed cans storage cans dried fruit miscellaneous grains tea storage cans
Color: Small Medium Large


small: diameter 12.5cm * 9cm

Medium: 12.5cm * 13.8cm in diameter

Large: 12.5cm * 18cm in diameter


Small: 750ml

Medium: 1200ml

Large: 1700ml

Weight: small: 0.75kg

Medium: 0.97kg

Large: 1.22kg

Style: Nordic
Number: 1
Material: ceramic

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